Victim Services Division

Victim Offender Mediation Dialogue (VOMD)

The TDCJ Victim Services Division Victim Offender Mediation Dialogue (VOMD) program, in accordance with Code of Criminal Procedure art. 56A.602, provides an opportunity for victims or surviving family members of violent crime to initiate an in-person meeting with the TDCJ offender responsible for their victimization. Crime victims have expressed a sense of taking back control after meeting with the offender to describe the impact of their victimization and to receive answers to questions regarding the offense. The VOMD can be a very sensitive and highly emotional process. The mediator assigned to the case will work closely with crime victims to identify individual support systems and support services.

The VOMD program facilitates mediation dialogues between crime victims and offenders who are in TDCJ custody or on parole/mandatory supervision. Creative alternatives to mediation are also an option, and typically include a letter written by the victim.


In order to ensure safety for participants and their sensitive information, all VOMD case information is confidential. Both the victim and offender must sign an agreement not to release information about their case.

Please review the VOMD Program Brochure:

For more information or to request to initiate a VOMD case, you may contact the VOMD program at (512) 406-5929, 1-800-848-4284,, or enter your contact information below: