Generally, a single person will be responsible for making submissions for each office, although larger offices may have multiple individuals who can make HB 104 submissions. You may contact our office (800-848-4284) to check if you have an account and create an account, if required. If you know you do not have an account with us, you may create one through the IVSS Portal website and then request Justice Official Access under the Request tab.
Victims, their family members, witnesses and concerned citizens may request notification through the IVSS portal ( or by contacting the Victim Services Division at (800) 848-4284, or 8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265, Austin, TX 78757-6899.
Contact the BPP Victim Liaison Program at or (512) 406-5833.
For more information regarding the BPP Victim Liaison, click here BPP Victim Liaison
If you have any questions regarding these rights and how to exercise them, please contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services Division at (800) 848- 4284 or
Offender status information can be obtained through IVSS ( or by calling (800) 848-4284 and leaving a message. A VSD staff member will return your call the following business day. In addition, offender status information is available at
You may update your preferences for all types of notifications, including text messages, on the ‘My Dashboard’ page by viewing the details for each offender registration. This is the easiest way to make changes to how you receive information from the Victim Services Division. Please note that responding to text messages sent by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services Division with the words ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Cancel’, or ‘Stop’ will cancel your registration for text notifications and you will not receive text messages in the future. Text ‘Resume’ to 737-309-IVSS (4877) to resume receiving text messages.
Previous registrations with Victim Services Division have been migrated to the Integrated Victim Services System. Registered victims were contacted regarding their new IVSS portal account by letter and/or email. If you do not have your login information, you may contact the Victim Services Division at (800) 848-4284 to obtain your account information.

If you were previously registered with VINE and your offender has been transferred to TDCJ custody, please create a portal account and register for notifications. If you have any questions please contact the Victim Services Division.
Victims of crime are guaranteed certain rights and participation in the criminal justice system under Texas law. The Crime Victims’ Rights are found within the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 56A.001, 56A.051, and 56A.052 and the Texas Constitution Article I Section 30. A listing of these rights can be found here:

In order to exercise your rights as a crime victim it is necessary to contact crime victim service providers to discuss and request, if applicable, your rights and available services. Your local district or county attorney’s office, law enforcement agency, or supervising agency (probation or prison) have crime victim service providers and staff available to assist you.

If you have any questions regarding these rights and how to exercise them, please contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services Division at (800) 848- 4284 or
Government Code Chapter 508 Section 508.117 defines a victim as:

(1) "Close relative of a deceased victim" means a person who, regardless of whether the victim's death was related to the offense committed was:

(A) the spouse of the victim at the time of the victim's death;

(B) a parent of the deceased victim;

(C) an adult brother, sister, or child of the deceased victim; or

(D) the nearest relative of the deceased victim by consanguinity, if the persons described by Paragraphs (A) through (C) are deceased or are incapacitated due to hysical or mental illness or infirmity.

(2) "Guardian of a victim" and "victim" have the meanings assigned by Section 508.117.
(2-a) "Sexual assault" includes an offense under Section 21.02, Penal Code.

(3) "Victim" means a person who:

(A) is a victim of sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, or felony stalking; or

(B) has suffered bodily injury or death as the result of the criminal conduct of another.
A Victim Impact Statement is a form designed to provide information about your rights as a victim of a crime, provide an opportunity to explain how you and your family have been affected by the crime, collect contact information so that victim services and criminal justice professionals can provide you with notifications regarding the case, including information about court proceedings, probation, parole, offender release or discharge. You may download or print the VIS form by selecting Publications from the Resources menu or by clicking here VIS forms.
The Victim Services Division provides comprehensive written notification while an offender is in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and while on parole/mandatory supervision. These notifications are provided through the Integrated Victim Services System (IVSS). Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) provides notification on offenders in county jails in many counties in Texas. For information about county jail notifications, please contact the county or 1-877-TX4-VINE.
The TDCJ Victim Services Division Victim Offender Mediation Dialogue (VOMD) program, in accordance with Code of Criminal Procedure art. 56A.602, provides an opportunity for victims or surviving family members of violent crime to initiate an in-person meeting with the TDCJ offender responsible for their victimization. For more information, please click here VOMD Program.
Notifications include notice of an offender’s parole eligibility, Board of Pardons and Paroles decisions, release to and return from Bench Warrant, discharge dates, release from prison, along with many other notices. Any information you supply will remain confidential. Notifications can be provided by email, letter, text message or phone call.
Frequently asked questions for offender friends and family can be viewed here:

Offender family members that are not victims should not register. Registering for notification through this page may affect your ability to sign up for the Offender Telephone System. Information regarding this offender can be found at
If the offender is under supervision by the TDCJ (parole or mandatory supervision), you will receive notice in the event there is a warrant issued for an alleged violation of the terms of supervision.  Notifications regarding the status of any warrant actions will also be provided.  If the offender you are registered for returns to TDCJ custody post release, you will receive notice of that return and future status changes